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[TR] Fat Ice on Rainier - Nisqually Belle 1/28/2012

Peter Way

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Trip: Fat Ice on Rainier - Nisqually Belle


Date: 1/28/2012


Trip Report:

Nisquall Belle

Saturday we went up to Rainier to look at ice conditions. almost nothing down low. Mikey's is very thin.

We went up to Paradise, hiked up to Glacier Vista, went down across the Nisqually to the cliff below the Wilson at about 6500 feet. Iv'e seen this ice every winter but never got close enough to it to see if it was worth climbing. Right now it is FAT FAT FAT. We climbed a full 70 meter pitch of WI4.5 The climb is 2 pitches tall with the top pitch laid back at about 45 and pretty ugly (we did not climb that), the bottom pitch has 30 meters of WI3 and 35 to 40 meters of plumb vertical WI4.5. It is very cool and will worth the hike in.

Iv'e not seen this climb in any guide book or on any web site. I find it hard to imagine that it has never been climbed because of how visible it is, it is in full view across the Nisqually. If anyone has info on it I would be interested.


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