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FS: Misc equipment (ropes, binas, axes, wands,etc)


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Bad knee forces me to sell out. Most of these items were bought just before I screwed up my knee and it's not got any better in last 3 years. They are all either lightly used or unused. Marked as such.


3 Yates pickets. Two sling verson. One wire version. I think one of the sling ones was used once (at least I can see a few small chips in the paint on the bottom but it could easily be from just sitting in my gear draw) but the other two are for sure unused.


I'm seeing them for $30 (bare) and $40 (cable) online. So $80 for all 3 with the slings (new). $75 if you don't want the slings.




Osprey Eclipse 42 (large) alpine pack. Perfect for day climbs. Used but in very good condition. $50




128oz hydration bladder. New. See it new for $41. Still sealed with original seal (bite valve). $20



8850m collapsible climbing wands. 2 packs. $20 a pack. I believe these are no longer made. new in bag



LaSportiva Nepal Extreme Boots. Size 44. Lightly used. Color is off because I waterproofed the leather. Maybe 4 outings on them. One lace broke and was replaced. $200 obo






Mammut lightweight slings, never used. They were just coiled.

Shorts list for $9.95 and longs for $13.95. Asking $28.00



Other slings/etc. Lightly used, no falls on them. best offer





SOLD: Petzl lockers at top

SOLD: Neutrinos (wire gate) at top

SOLD: Large oval in middle above ice screw

SOLD: pulleys, atc, reverso at right side


Still available:

- Standard non-locking ovals at left.

- Two angle gate non-lockers above ice screw.

- Two smaller lockers just above ice screw

- Cassin Ice screw (new)




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Guys, I have a ton of PMs already. Far more than I expected.


I can't sort out the order of PMs and the order of posted replies so please reply via Private Message only, then I can be fair and go in order.


Also, if you've sent me a PM, I will have replied to you.


If you've changed your mind, I would really appreciate it if you just reply letting me know this. No shaming, but I can then move onto the next person.




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