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Bungie cord break video


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shit, if that didn't happen every now and then, where would be the thrill? :grin:


touching to be subsequently sucked into rapids and crocodile swamps :)


and holy sheeit, them aussies are tough, chick lived!

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Reminds me of a story back when I used to skydive... I was still a n00b at it, but not a total n00b. Another guy, n00bier than me, went out the door before me, and his chute malfunctioned. The jumpmaster had the pilot go into a steep bank so he could watch the guy, and most of us in the plane got a good look at the n00b rocketing his way to terra firma. Finally, the n00b cut away his shit chute and his reserve popped open, and he was fine under a fully deployed canopy. We all breathed a sigh of relief for the guy, especially the other n00bs in the plane that were supposed to go before me.


Since I was headed to a higher altitude for my jump, I sat back and relaxed, thinking the other n00bs in the stick were going ahead of me. To my shock and surprise, the jumpmaster turns around, looks me straight in the eye and says, "Get in the door. You're next."


"Get in the fucking door, sobo. You're going next!"

So out I went...


He came over to me after he landed and told me that he wanted someone with more experience, no matter how little much more that might be, to go ahead of the other n00bs to inspire some confidence. Other than the jumpmaster and the pilot, the only guy that fit the bill on that jump was me.


So I said thanks, and asked him, "What if my chute had malfunctioned, too? Then what?"

He clapped me on the back and bellowed, "One problem at a time, sobo. One problem at a time..." :)

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:lmao: Thanks for that, sobo.


I kept waiting to ear some in the background say "This is fucking stupid. We are fucking stupid. I am not going to..."


The mind is funny, and the big swings between 'rational' thoughts are even more so. :)

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