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karhu 10th Mountain skis?


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Recently I came across a set of karhu 10th mountain (telemark?) skis without bindings. How much are such skis generally worth. (Note I am a climber not a ski person).


The big thing in determining value of goods is condition, so are these new or have they been mounted (i.e. somebody pulled their binding off of them)?


If used what shape is the base in (scores, core shots, dried up)?


Those are pretty slick touring skis, have them mounted with Silvrettas and they have enough camber that they glide well and are just fat enough to float. You'll probably want skins for these too if you are planning on anything off of packed trails and flats.

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$50 sounds like a good deal. I have a pair and used them on the 40km Garbaldi Neve Traverse while carrying a heavy pack. They are a bit of a chore to turn compared to newer shaped, pattern based skis like the Alpina Cross Terrain or the Voile Vector BC (American wood in this board :grin:) of which I have both. I really don't use my 10th mountains any more but they are a great ski, easy to use, and especially fun in Spring corn. You can't go wrong for $50 if there is no horrible, visible damage. Even if they have been mounted before that is no biggy.


I ski them all with 3-pins by the way...

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