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Gloves for back country


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After checking out the Stoic Gauntlet's something more came to mind that might be an important consideration. Namely, I find it critical to have a removeable liner in a glove. It's far easier to dry out a potentially wet liner (and for that matter the outer glove) if one can remove it and dry it in the sleeping bag or elswhere for that matter.

Not having a removeable liner would likely be a deal breaker for me even with a waterproof/breathable outer glove shell such as my Arete's.


And as Dr. Layton said, the Arete's can't hold a candle to the Gauntlets on the pimp'in scale.


Something more to think about.

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buy cheap and buy often. $100 for a ski glove is way overboard.


here is one possible glove setup for condtions from spring time to deep winter cold

1 pr thin liner glove ($10)

1pr windstopper gloves ($30)

1 pr fleece liner with shell glove (cheap, goretex not needed really as it should be cold anyway..you skiing in the rain?)

1 pr cheapo OR mittens ($50) for the foulest conditions.

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I'm with Gene, there isn't really a single glove that covers the range of conditions for AT skiing. I typically skin up in windstopper or thin softshell glove and put on something heavier (like my resort ski glove) for the ride down. Personally, I don't care for gauntlet gloves, they're cumbersome and expensive.


My favorite insulated glove is the BD Kingpin and also have an older version of the Legend Glove. I don't think I've ever paid more than $50 for a pair of gloves except once, a pair of BD Guide gloves (I think that's the model) and despite doing a lot of cold weather touring when we lived in MT (sub zero), hardly have ever worn them.



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OR Vert Glove for the way up and OR ExtraVert Glove for the way down. If we are talking ski touring, that works great for me. I sometimes carry my BD Guide Glove shells in the bottom of the pack if for some reason it is a particularly wet/cold day, and the shell can be used in combination with either of the above mentioned gloves.

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All MEC brand stuff will ship to the US (Other brands are hit or miss) and unlike REI, their stuff is usually quite comparable to name brand gear. Shipping does cost a bit on some items, but you save on some Canadian taxes. One of my ski partners lived across the street from MEC so I usually would just have him pick stuff up for me....

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Best thing to do is call the 1-800 number for MEC and ask them about shipping. I order stuff stateside and get it shipped north across border regularly with no problem although I sometimes have to pay extra duty. I always just presumed folks could do the same shipping the other way, but as per above, that might not be the case.

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