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[TR] Oregon - Columbia River Gorge - St. Peter's Dome 10/24/2011


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Trip: Oregon - Columbia River Gorge - St. Peter's Dome


Date: 10/24/2011


Trip Report:

Found a picture today of Plaidman's Fally on St. Peter's Dome



Getting Started on Plaidman's Fally


Short TR:


We made it to the top of St. Peter's Dome on Oct. 24th 2011. I ended up not going far enough left to find the tree and the 5.8 chimney on the 56 foot rock band. I saw a bent pin and went straight up there. Jeff Thomas thinks it is a new line on the 56 foot band of rock ( the pitch in total is 100ft. to the tree). I am going to call it Plaidman's Fally. Because I was off route and because I had a 20 foot head first fall on the pitch. A bird beak Cassin Iron Hawk piton held the fall. My line is not suggested.


This is a climb in my 100 Days, 100 Miles, 100 Climbs in The Columbia River Gorge. I picked the hardest climb to do first and it was all that.

See more at my blog.



Gear Notes:

Everything I own. Pins lots of Pitons. Most useful Peckers and Toucans.


Approach Notes:

Heinous hike up scree gully. Fixed 6 ropes for packing loads up to saddle. Took 6 hours on first try. Last ascent took 1 hour to saddle.

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