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[TR] Hyalite - Coming Out of Retirement 12/2/2011

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Trip: Hyalite - Coming Out of Retirement


Date: 12/2/2011


Trip Report:

Dave, Craig and I made a quick jaunt out to Hyalite this past weekend. Dave and I are both coming off a two year hiatus from ice climbing, so we all agreed to have a weekend of moderate ice climbing and beer drinking. It was a success - it felt good to get back on ice and return to Hyalite.


Quick conditions report: Most of the moderate climbs near the TH are in. Thrill is gone looked real good. The harder climbs up on black magic are non-existent, while other climbs such as zack attacks and upper mummy look fat. We heard numerous horror stories of people getting stuck on the east fork road - so travel at your own risk. Now to the climbing...


After arriving friday evening, Craig got on G1 and got after it



Early saturday morning we got the juices flowing on lower green sleeves...Craig got the train running first



Dave next..



We ran up to aptly named hangover.



Saturday was bluebird (in the morning at least)





Then we ran over to upper green sleeves...down low



a little steeper up high



then capped off the day at the amphitheater



Our final morning Craig wanted to hope on elevator shaft



it was fat (sorry for the camera tilt)



then we finished the trip with a solo train on the fat one..which was very snow covered






Approach Notes:

i90 east

Edited by kevino

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a great weekend in hyalite! Next time you head this way give Silken Slot a go. I did it yesterday and had a blast, the 2nd pitch is nothing special but the first mixed pitch is good fun and the 3rd is a stellar flow in a narrow slot for 100 or so feet with a good pillar right at the top. Best ice pitch I've done!

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Great to see Craig isn't sewing it up like he used too... or did you guys just not let him have all the screws? :grlaf::laf: :laf: ;)


Nice trip guys. Hopefully I can get in on the next one

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Well as it turns out Craig gets pumped after placing two screws so thats all he ever needed to carry.


Thanks for tip keenwesh, look forward to checking that and silken falls out on my next trip.

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Fun trip, kinda wish it was still in my backyard.

Had a great time with Kevin and Craig. Look forward to more good times together. :brew:


Kevino working off the hangover sans rope.



Gotta watch those straps.



Kevino leading Upper GS.


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it was fat (sorry for the camera tilt)


It's ok Kevin just remember WWWWD...

Edited by DRep

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Hey, I think I ran into you guys at Switchback Falls at the end of Saturday. Looks like a productive trip, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM or something if you head out here again.


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Hi Sam, It was cool running into a fellow CC'er out there! We'll hit you up.


Have fun out there this season! :rawk:

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