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Totem Cams (Aliens) are now available


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So does this mean my rack of Aliens that have been waiting to sell until they've appreciated enough are now worthless? Noooooooo!!!!



Am I confused or is the photo of the alien on their main page misleading? Look at the "shop" tab; they only sell the head design in a very different cam body.

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These Totem cams are rock solid in placements. I was so impressed with how they work in granite. In the parallel sided stuff they work of course just as good as everything else, but its in the flaring, pin scarred, or weird placements that they really shine. Something with their design doesn't let them move around or walk like other cams. They go in and lock off where a C3 or C4 will move around in the same place. they give me a nice warm feeling in my tummy on kind of runout sketchy granite trad.

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According to a friend that was at OR, the totem Basic cams are not the resurrected Aliens. Fixe bought the Alien name and patent, and will be producing them sometime in the near future (?). So that is probably the answer as to the name change, and only having a few of the size, i would guess.

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