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Bees on the middle east wall?


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I was walking up to climb "freak of the week" and as I was walking I heard some buzzing which was coming from what appears to be bee's of some sort thu were on a number of routes all over the wall including many

In the main middle area of the wall - tons of them on jihad and other popular routes.


Anyone know anything about this? And what should be done?

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read this and laughed...


I was climbing at Peshastin Pinnacles on 10-9-11 and had a run in with some bees. My first trad lead in years with my new-to-climbing girlfriend on belay and got stung about 30 ft up. I was smacking against a flake trying to listen to the sound when a swarm of bees came out of the alcove behind the flake.


I got stung in the arm about 2" above my wrist. With all the bees swarming above i chose to down climb the 5.easy route and clean on the way. I'm cursing, girlfriend is freaking out....


So i drive over to vantage and finish off the day but when i get home my arm keeps swelling. I have known allergy to bee stings and had an epi-pen in the car. after 36 hrs my arm keeps swelling from my hand up to my shoulder, and i mean really fat. single crease for a wrist and another for an elbow. my knuckles and elbow were divots.


Doctors, medicines, etc.... still can see the mark today.


The next week I'm back at work and a co-worker i havent sen in a while notice my fat hand. later he told me he was thinking to himself , "hmm, he put on a lot of weight in his hand, he sure hides it well" i was busting up

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