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B Deleted_Beck

WTS - some trad, maybe trades

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ok.. had lots of interest.. sorry if i havent gotten back to you yet.. for the benefit of all, i'm just gonna plug pics and specifics in here




OK... so what i'm wanting to trade is the nut set - Colored BDs with some wear (some more than others..) but all are still perfectly serviceable, sizes 13-1 MISSING the 12 and 11, but you get an extra 8.. was missing the 1 and 2, but i pulled extras off another set.. so you get a total of 12 nuts. i'll throw in the two nut tools too (a BD and a no-name i got at D&B).







#3 x 2

#2 x 1 (gonna keep a couple 2s)



#8 x 2



ALL these cams, especially the #3-4, are in really good shape, as i basically never use them. i've decided to keep all my TCUs and smaller BDs.


i'll hold off on lobe closeups till somebody wants one specifically



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Ive got two screws. One Black diamond that is literally brand new placed once, and another black diamond that is used but was sharpened by IME in new hampshire. Sharp and places great. Could obviously sharpen it again if need be.


I will get the lengths when I get home tonight. They arent stubbies thats for sure. Theyre at least 20 CM. I need to build my ice rack but right now i need to get a few more cams to finish off the rock season. If they are the sizes your looking for and I get you pics, what would you be willing to trade for the two screws?


Im interested in the light blue and purple metolius quads and a yellow camalot


Just throwing it out there. Let me know and if your interested in trading i'll get some pics.

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nuts and the fatter lobed metolius are gone.. the rest is now also for sale (sorry, to those of who wanted to buy them earlier)..


copy/paste from my MP thread...


OK.. despite a lot of interest, nothing went through on the trade thread.. so i guess i'm gonna sell these and just buy the crap i need..


All are in good to very-good condition, very little placing, and almost all wear, what little there is, is rack/pack wear.


Plus shipping, paypal add 3% (or send as feeless "gift"), prices are OBO.



SOLD $55 - #4

SOLD $50 - #3.5

SOLD $45 - #3

$40 - #2



$40 #8 fatcam - SOLD

$35 #8 fatcam with skinny lobes


BD nuts: - SOLD


if the price is right, i could possibly be talked out of one or two other #2s and smaller cams.. but lets see what the market value is on this stuff first

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bump.. will trade last two cams for 60ms of super itty bitty glacier floss or hybrid crampons.. men's M softshell pants or hardshell top, as second priorities


will take or pay some cash, as appropriate

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