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[TR] Mt. Baker - North Ridge 8/27/2011


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Trip: Mt. Baker - North Ridge


Date: 8/27/2011


Trip Report:

We climbed Baker's North Ridge this Saturday and found pretty good conditions.




The trickiest part of the climb was finding a way onto the glacier and then across the glacier to the apron. We were turned around 5 or 6 times by pesky dead ending crevasses. We started in the dark, so that probably didn't help. It seemed like the best way to go was to drop onto the glacier from higher up, and then to stay low until directly below the left side of the apron.


Lost in the Dark



Another Dead End



The left side of the apron was still easily passable, and the slope was in pretty good shape. We traversed the rock band to the left of the apron to the middle snow finger in order to get away from rock-fall (though it didn't seem too bad that morning.)


The ice step was in great shape, and was about 2 pitches long. We climbed it just around the ridge on the left side. It took screws well all the way up. We stayed well left of the ridge and encountered a couple vertical moves at the top, but I think we could have avoided these by moving right, over the ridge, a bit sooner.


Lower Ice Step



Left Side of the Ridge



Ryan approaching the short vertical section



On top



Above the ice step there were more crevasses, but we kept trending left and had no problems.


Climbing above the ice step (this would take screws too)



A steep section on the upper snow fields



An fascinating wave shaped serac



Wildflowers on the way out!



Gear Notes:

6 screws


Approach Notes:

Scope out a way across the glacier the night before.

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