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Stolen Gear


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Hello fellow climbers. Just wanted to post this out there... Just got my climbing gear stolen out of my truck this morning. Most recognizable items would be a full rack of BD cams (with doubles of .5 to #3), red and purple 60cm (Blue Water) alpine runners, Petzl Spirit draws, and a few Petzl bent-gate biners, just to name a few. The gear is taped with yellow/red electrical tape and the #5 cam is brand new and only used once. If anyone happens to see any of these items on Ebay, Craig's List, etc., please contact me either through this post or via cel phone at 253.682.9507.



Thank you,




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I'll be watching. You may want to send a list to Next Adventure in Portland. They will keep a look out, as they buy used gear.


I had my gear stolen in Portland. All of my gear stuffed in one backpack. It still hurts to think about it. The thing I miss most is the plaid painted helmet with my clan tartan on it.

Here is the list of the gear I had stolen:

Plaidman's Stolen Gear List


All is good now. Newer better gear, more climbing partners, new areas and projects, and it looks like I may get to climb El Cap soon.


I feel for ya brother. Good thoughts sent your way.

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I had my gear stolen several years ago too. I had been on a long weekend trip where we were not sure about our agenda and I had full rock cragging rack, some alpine gear, and big wall gear in the truck. Sunday night I went to dinner in Pioneer Square and got hit.


The stuff never showed up on bulletin boards or at Second Ascent. I bet it ended up in a dumpster.


I was able to cash in on the insurance, though. I had been working as a climbing instructor and had kept all my receipts so I could show exactly what I had bought in the prior couple of years. I presented a detailed list of the lost items. With deductible and depreciation I ended up spending a not insignificant amount of money to replace my gear, but I also ended up with a whole new bunch of gear.


Check out your insurance coverage. Ask about both your car policy and any renters or homeowners insurance you may have. I know those guys usually suck but they might just come through.

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Thanks for the beta on the renter's insurance and about keeping the receipts. Everyone is telling me about it. It's a darn good investment considering all the time and money that goes into acquiring all this stuff. I am itemizing all the stolen gear for the police report today, and great idea about sending a copy of the list to Next Adventure. I'm going to send one to Second Ascent also.

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It was in front of my buddy's house. I was meeting up with him so we could carpool over to Index. We were in the backyard!!

Glad I live on the sterling and pure "east side of Tacoma", that north end is too dangerous for me!

Good luck Jojo, it will all work out.

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