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Nylon Pack - Repairing a Hole


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Over the weekend I managed to puncture a small hole in the nylon of my First Ascent Big Tahoma pack - right where the crampons strap on.


Wondering what the best options are to patch/repair the hole. It's about a quarter inch in length and a clean puncture. Want to repair it to maintain the water-resistant nature of the pack and keep from causing further damage.


Do the SilFix Sil-Nylon Repair Kits do OK for this? Or are there better options?

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eddie bauer warranty baby!


seam grip is the stuff of legend. I have done many an impressive repair with it that hold longer than the surrounding area. And actually find a bit of fraying to be helpful as this helps wick it up and spreads the stuff into the repair spot more.

on something like shell jacket or whatnot I use a piece of tent-mosquito netting repair as backing--mesh basically since it takes up the seamgrip as well. have the spot taped shut/fix from one side, then repair it from the other. Once I have the seam grip in, I do something like put an area of tin-foil over both sides then clamp it in a vice or just some spring-clamps. Probably not necessary, but I do it. Then take them off after a while and let it set. I'd use a piece of canvas or other heavy duty material that will wick, as the backing here.

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(Poorly) sewing the hole shut using upolstery thread, liberal application of seam grip all around, then duct tape on both sides is my usual preference. Sail repair tape from West Marine is as good as K-tape but much cheaper on a unit basis if you use much, but duct tape is plenty stout for most repairs although not quite as polished looking.


Make sure that you cut the duct/sail repair/K-tape into an elliptical or better yet round shape before applying it to the repair as it will stay adhered much better that way. Sharp corners make for points where the patch will preferentially delaminate over time. Another coat of seam grip on the outside patch can be useful to further reinforce repairs in high wear areas.


If the hole is only 1/4" long, a couple of stitches with strong thread with a bunch of seam grip on top should be more than sufficient.

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Shoe repair shop workers on average, are highly skilled and work for reasonably low rates and will give any job their best shot. They (whoever they are) have satisfactorily repaired my OR gaiters at least twice.


I would consult with a shoe repair business and then add glue-like material ON TOP of what ever work they perform. Clean surfaces diligently before adding whatever goop you purchase.


Duct tape, it seems to me at least, has very limited life-span and is probably best avoided as basis for any long-term repair.

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I keep it simple. Duct tape the tear on the inside. Apply copious amounts of seam grip to the outside. Some of my packs are mostly seam grip.


IMHO, this is the best advice. I would clean the area with an appropriate solvent (see below) if possible, and with a damp sponge if the solvent is not available.


I'd thin the seam grip with cotol-240 or toluene and apply it with a rubber glove on. I'd do a little bit over the hole to get it bonded nicely, and then in an hour or so (if it's humid or longer if it's dry), I'd do a second, larger patch over the affected area.


Sewing it together first will add little to nothing to the repair.


Sil Patches *might* stick, but probably won't be worth the effort or expense as they're designed to stick to a siliconized substrate, not the 50d polyester taffeta that probably lines the inside of the pack. Of course, I can't find a good picture of the pack online so, who knows what the material really was.

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