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[TR] Black Peak - NE Ridge 7/9/2011


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Trip: Black Peak - NE Ridge


Date: 7/9/2011


Trip Report:

*Our intention was to climb Buckner, but after hearing the road was still closed a couple miles out from the Cascade Pass TH, by chance we came up with our Option B... Black Peak.


*Weather was perfect, snow up to the base of the route, and the rock was much better than expected. Overall, a great day, a cool mountain and a somewhat easy car to car for N. Cascades standards (although we were whooped by the time we got back to the truck).


*Beware of the Black Peak mountain goat... He was our friend for the whole day. In fact, he climbed up and descended the south ridge with us. Then he turned on us and went "aggro"... snorting and jumping up on his hind legs. He wanted food, but all I offered was my axe. Then, he ran after my partner. Hopefully the guys that were camped out at Wing Lake had their gear in tact when they got back from their climb.



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omfg...that is bizarre! the thing actually went for you? unbelievable! ...looks like a pretty good sized goat, too. Glad your party's unscathed.

Did that route a few years ago in normal summer conditions and loved it! very nice mellow c2c adventure. the crux is the drive from seattle: l-o-n-g!

--thanx for a great report

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