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Found skis - Mt. Rainier, near Camp Curtis


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Skiing off the Emmons-Winthrop Glacier yesterday and found a pair of skis deep in the snow. At first I thought they were abandoned/lost, but in retrospect I feel as if they may have possibly been stashed (which would make me a complete ass for taking them). In my defense I was exhausted, dehydrated, still very very poor, and in desperate need of new skis; so coming across these skis was like finding pizza beer and naked women at the end of an awesome summit.


If anybody can claim these skis: Make, Model, Length, and Binding - then they are yours. Otherwise in ONE MONTH of this posting I am a happy camper.


Additionally a reward of some sort would be greatly appreciated given (some of) the circumstances; hell, I had to pack them out for almost half the decent which put a big damper on my turns.



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Yes, I am most likely going to be found under Chutzpah on Wikipedia. I called the owner just a few minutes ago and will be dropping them off at his work tomorrow, and I will DEFINITELY not expect, nor deserve, any reward whatsoever for I am by definition an ASS.


I am humbler from this experience and hope this does not affect my ski/mountaineering karma to its fullest extent.


To the owner of the skis, as well as his friends, I am absolutely sorry.

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