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Driving time to Mt. Adams South Spur Trailhead?


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use google maps - factor in you will go faster on highway miles and slower on final dirt road. say 2hrs? to 2hr 30 minutes?


and a sunrise/sunset calculator. figure the distance from the end of the road to lunch counter (what, 5? miles, plus add whatever isn't melted if you can't drive to end). how fast do you move with gear? and if it is a hot day, on soft snow.


add 30ish minutes for additional dusk-light the higher you get, factor in you are more north than a good portion of the country so that dusk-light kinda lingers.


do you want to arrive at 'sunset' (ie before dark) or like, 1hr before sunset?



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From the USFS website: "[updated: 07/03/2011]


The 8040 Road is open about 1/2 mile past the Morrison Creek Campground turnoff. When parking do not block traffic. Roads to the South Climb Trailhead will be slower to melt out this season due to unusually late winter like conditions. Check back for updates."


This means you will have to add a few hours since you will be hiking the road up to the campground. From the campground, my thoughts are below...


plan on 2 1/2 hours, agreed. 1 to Hood River, 90 min to Trout Lake and up the road. Sedans are seen at the TH all the time. It's a good road for the most part, most years.


If you're packing a ton of shit, I'd figure 5 hours (from the campground), more or less, to the lunch counter. If you're a bad ass, or going super light, I'm sure it can be done in less time. So for sunset I'd want to be on the trail by 5pm at the absolute latest. Unfortunately, if it is warm the snow may be mushy... depends on if you're hiking on skinning up, too...


I'd be out of P-town by 11am if you want to make the counter by dark! (Disclaimer: something always delays me by an hour or so, repacking, last-minute grocery stop, etc.)


Have fun and good luck!!!!!


PS Parking sucks until the campground is melted out. Should be close if it isn't already....

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