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Early summer jacket recommendations?


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Hoping to make my way out to Rainier early next summer (May probably), and looking for some input on insulated jackets. I have a lightweight OR Fraction jacket ( OR Fraction Hoody )

, a MH Sub Zero Parka, and a MH sub zero vest. I am usually fine with the ultralight OR primaloft jacket down to the teens, but from what I've seen, something a little more substantial may be in order. However, the sub zero seems like overkill. Any thoughts? Maybe combining the vest and OR jacket? I'd rather not buy another jacket if I don't need to, but if anyone has high recommendations for a mid-weight insulated down/synthetic, it may be worth it.

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I think any of the 100g, Primaloft One insulated, hooded parkas would be fine. I personally use a Patatonia Micropuff from April through September. Maybe take a high lofting fleece to go underneath in case it is cold.

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I heading to rainier tomorrow and in the same dilema. The guy I'm going with I'm letting borrow my perfect mid weight down hooded parka.


I have two options now: my Denaliesqe Monster down TNF boltoro parka or a light wieght redpoint optimus hooded primaloft jacket.



I am leaning more towards the primaloft jacket due to weight as the monster puffy is almost 3lbs but I could sleep in it lol

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