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Mt. Adams/Mt. Hood this weekend.. Gear Advice


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I am planning on doing a summit with my brother and 2 friends of both Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood this weekend (July 9-12). We live in the midwest so we will need to rent some equiptment. It looks like the REI on Johnson St. rents equiptment, has anyone had expierience renting from them? Are there any other good rental options (we will be flying into PDX, so something on the way to Mt. Adams or in the general area of PDX).


I have on my list to rent


Ice Axe





Some other things that are on the maybe list are helmet, showshoes, shovel, climbing harness...


Would snow Shoes be worth it or is it a waste of money for those climbs (both the south routes)

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ignore me if you find it offensive, but, do you have any experience with the gear you have listed? Like, have you used an ice ax and crampons before? what would you do with a climbing harness....do you have a rope?


your renting should be fine. i'd worry more about using the tools correctly if you are new to them, than whether you can get them.

bring a helmet for hood if you're on that. Adams...i personally do not think a helmet is needed.


if I had to pick either, do adams. it is easier than hood. well. it is longer hike, more elevation gain, but, harder to get yourself killed or injured, generally speaking.


probably can skip snowshoes, but, depends on a lot of factors. skip them on hood, maybe on adams...for approach if snow is soft/its hot out. or just slog and deal with it. won't need them to go from lunch counter up

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Rent from The Mountain Shop much cheaper. You can look them up on the inter web. They also have the beacon locaters things which might not be a bad idea for you. Those guys know what there talking about if you have questions about the gear also. REI can be hit and miss. Have fun climbing!

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No offense taken at all...


Yes we do have experience with ice axes.. we climbed paintbrush divide last year out in the tetons which was snow covered from about 8500 and up. We don't have any xp with the crampons, but that is why we are doing Adams first. We are all experienced outdoorsmen/backpacker/hunter/cannoing/mountain biker/eagle scout/ect..... (For example my brother through hiked the AT).. we also have good sense to know when not to do something, and I have been reading up on the freedom of the hills mountaineering book too just for good measure.. unfortunately there are not a bunch of places near Detroit to practice mountaineering... Gotta start somewhere though.


As for the harness I have been reading different places.. some recommend roping up and some don't .... Any thoughs on that for the south route on hood? And please elaborate why or why not.. My brother is a rock climber and we have all done rock climbing before so that aspect is not new to us, but the snow aspect is.


Any recommendation or tips or suggestions ? We are all flying in to pdx and will be to mt Adams by about 4-5:30 pm Saturday depending on how things go... My plan is to get to lunch counter (is this doable? Or recommended)

Then leave the next morning for a summit.. (alpine start?) I want to do the glissading so would a later start be better? Anyway from there to mt hood where we would camp at palmer glacier (again doable?) And then summit attempt on hood the next morning with another alpine start camp somewhere that night( any recommendations close to hood?) And off to the airport on the morning of the 12th

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It is probably possible to make it to the lunch counter before needing headlamps if you leave at 4:30. Alpine start isn't neccessary. There is some camping prior to the lunch counter as well, Link. If you look closely at the rock bands, anywhere you see a little rock circle is a campsite. There are some campsites above and below my link.

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