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Price Reduction:OR, Wild Things, Feathered Friends


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I have a bunch of gear and I don't want it. I am interested in trades for rock gear. More on that later...


Wild Things Alpine Suit: Large. Mint Condition. 250$ *sold

Feathered Friends Parka: XL. Good Condition. 150$ *sold

Dana Designs ArcFlex Astralplane pack: Very Good Condition: 200$

OR Mentor Goretex Pants: Med Good condition 75$


All prices are somewhat flexible, so make an offer.


I don't have any price in mind for the following lot, so just make an offer (trades welcome).

I have:

OR hardshells: see the photos and make an offer (Women's med, Men's L, Men's XL).

The softshel (blue) is a size L. *sold

The electric gloves are small.


A few last notes: The bivvy sac is in great shape except that the inside pole sleeve is made of a funny material that feels sticky. Don't know whats up with that...I've seen it on a lot of older OR gear that uses this particular nylon...it shouldn't affect anything though.


Trades: I'd like BD cams especially a .75 or wide gear, TCU's or really any very small cams. I'm also interested in large cams, 70m or longer ropes, newish rock shoes, size 42 to 43,a functional lap top, engine work (diesel?)...and, of course, cash.


Check out my flicker account for photos of the merch


...i am going climbing for a few days. PM me tonight or I will get back to you in about a week.

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The pants are furios I believe... maybe they are the mentors. I'll have to go look at them... anyway, they are by OR, have side zips... made of Gortex I think.


I must have forgotten to post the softshell picture. I'll put it up.



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