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[TR] Unalaska Island, Alaska - Makushin Volcano 7/18/2011


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Trip: Unalaska Island, Alaska - Makushin Volcano


Date: 7/18/2011


Trip Report:

Here is something a little different...and far and away. I have been meaning to post this for a while. Here is some photos from a solo foray I took up Masushin Volcano in the Aleutians last summer. If you would like some more info, please click on the link for a report from the climb that was in the local paper.





Approach Notes:

Skiff ride and a long walk...this would be a great ski !

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WCC, here is a few photos from the trip to Unimak Island that Jeff and I did. We flew into False Pass and proceeded to the Roundtop/Isanotski area. It was a long cold slog in early May, but good conditions for hauling sleds. Mostly we had tent bound storm days, with just enough time to pull of Rountop. Thanks for the interest!00190005.JPG00190042.JPG00200022.JPG

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Wow, nice work! I was up there in 2002 fishing for pollock as well. I stared at that mountain quite a lot, dreaming of just walking out of work at the dock and hiking to the top of it. That view is amazing.


Something freaks me out about that island. Perhaps it's the fact that there isn't a single tree on it. Hey, no slide alder. score!

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