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[TR] Index Kardz - Davis Holed Me While In His Loving Arms 6/13/2011


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Trip: Index Kardz - Davis Holed Me While In His Loving Arms


Date: 6/13/2011


Trip Report:

The Auold Rare Times - wife n' obligations Back EAst for a 6 week spell - fucking work still for a week! - but come the weekend me n' the powderhoudn Lived Like Kings!


up, horrid-hungover, of an 8 on saturday by the phone - bryan far worse than my humble self, greyed out he was w/ tales of titty-clubs n' the special benefits of a pdx-lifestyle - our plans for an early start at an end, we Stayed On Target and Bent Space, smoke-full n' boozy-style, to index by 2 and dispatched the classics - city park, then godzilla and retard children - did i mention this was old boy's index cherry, popped nice n' clean? :)


not too many trips w/ bryan, yet each has yield a fun odd image - this'un was in olypia - a truck loaded to the ballz w/ pot plants - apparently he didn't speak The Common Tongue as we frantically tried to wave him over :)


holy shit, a fine night ensued Down By The River - river beer fridge - shotguns n' shenanigans down by the banks w/ super-sweet salmon n' special smokes


the sweet sounds of the river ran through my head all the live-long day, yielding long sleep n' counterpointing all the fine head-shit a man must dispense w/ to love life


fire n' fornications of a different sort



lackadaisical start - who the fuck can awake w/ the roar of a river in his head? the sun was insistent of course, and so before noon we were up for breakfast and a river-session - grits n' butter n' bacon n' a pot-full of coffee - we parked in sludge n' stumbled up the steeps to the upper wall


i dispatched the first pitch n' less-than-fine-style but good enough - then the 'hund got his life-wish - leading every pitch of a 5-come classic w/o complaint from his supplicant! here he is condemned on the 1st real pitch


years back w/ The Layton we'd grown discourged here, but today it was sorted straight and it was done soon enough


further up - a wild ride requires you to step right off the start up the rare-rock and pull the roof, then head left


good times at start of the loving arms


i grew momentarily discouraged when my Hero and Rope-gun flew apart at the sight of this pretentious predator


on the variation to pitch 4


such a climb - cracks that don't quit - edges begging pulling - chalk-marks to the edge of creation - pro that appears on command it would seem - i sought for the final pitch, but for my clean soul i was pardoned


a fine cap to the day - many raps - wine n' pbr at the base in a gentle drip - smokes n' steep descents - wife-talks n' a long ride home - tucking into the pillow at seatac and holy shit, suddenly i'm awaked at my fucking doorstep? byran, a rope gun and car driver par excellent!

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Great trip with Eric. He proved that he too can be a clambering monkey:



Walking a track to nowhere



Very Nice....



Getting his pump on



whatever this thing is


All in all a fabulous trip. The upper wall was pretty much empty. Note to self bring a 70M rope to index next time. Watch out for the pinker-tons they have hatched like mayflys and the word is all the funding is gone so they be looking to steal from your wallets.

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Best time of the year to climb in the Sky valley, especially from the vantage point of the upper wall. DH-LA is so good that it stands to be repeated many times, in fact it can become an annual pilgrimage. The original 2nd pitch of LA is quite good and not as hard as advertised (at least by Index standard). The other stellar multi-pitch moderate free climb in the area is Centerfold on the Diamond.

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