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[TR] Kulshan - Park & Coleman Headwalls 6/9/2011

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Trip: Kulshan - Park & Coleman Headwalls


Date: 6/9/2011


Trip Report:

Yesterday I skied the Park and Coleman headwalls. I ascended via the standard trail (grouse creek on the way down & it was much faster) I busted through a thick marine layer around 6k -- and took the CD to the summit - partially covered a with a variable orographic cloud as well as some mid level clouds rolling from the west.

The Park Headwall was in decent soft if a bit crusty condition I set off a loose wet slide a few turns in that quickly ran the length of the face.

By the time I climbed back up -- the summit region was completely obscured in clouds. It was cool to see Amar and company on the summit -- the third time I've randomly bumped into Amar on the summit of Baker. I found the entrance to the CHW with a gps, and waited a while for a window of visibility to present itself, which it did eventually.

Turns on the steep upper portion were a little firm and visibility was so so, but conditions and visibility both improved dramatically lower down. Much of the route is moderate in angle, with only a couple steep sections -- crevasses, spotty ice and rockfall make this otherwise moderate route a little more dangerous.

The ski down grouse creek is fun and quick. GO GET IT WHILE ITS GOOD!


When I think about baker, I often get a mental picture of this photo I took of the CHW back in Oct. 09.



Looking down the PHW yesterday, (the park headwall seems a few degrees mellower this year - probably beacuse it's so filled in)



high on the coleman



CHW from the glacier


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