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[TR] Mt Rainier - Emmons Glacier 6/4/2011

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Trip: Mt Rainier - Emmons Glacier


Date: 6/4/2011


Trip Report:

Ascended Rainier via the Emmons Glacier this past weekend and skiied down with a couple friends. Hilariously, these self-described "old ladies" at 50 and 55 were concerned that they would be lagging behind me. Simply put, they put me to shame both in their climbing pace and their skiing ability. Time to get outside more!


The approach to from White River camp ground was mostly on snow with only a few bare patches on the trail. I would imagine this will be changing rapidly though. There was no running water above Glacier Basin. Above Glacier Basin, there are huge amounts of snow. I have never skiied the Interglacier and was impressed at the quality of the terrain and the snow. Time to Camp Schurman was about 7 hours on skis the entire way.


Left camp at a little after 4 AM under clear skies, warm air, and no wind. Unbelievable conditions really. Watched the sun rise at about 5 AM with the start of some cloudiness. We paced with a group from Colorado who charitably kicked steps to the summit from about 10,500.


The route was very straightforward with few crevasse issues. It was almost a direct line up the corridor to the summit.


After a brief rest at the summit, we donned skies and headed down. I have to admit, the first 1500 feet were quite nerve racking for me considering the variable snow conditions, my level of fatigue, the fact I've only skiied three times this year, and the intimidation of the runout (more psychological than actually dangerous I think).


Four and a half hours after leaving the summit, we were back at the car having a beer. This includes a stop at camp for more than an hour to pack up and chat with the Rangers.




























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thanks for the report with all the pictures. good to see it. congrats a smooth and relatively easy summit and return.


score a win for that last picture with the skis underwater in a creek! hehe

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Nice report. Good pics. Was it straight forward getting onto the Emmons Glacier after climbing the Inter Glacier?

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Yep, very straightforward. Just ascend to about 8,900 feet on Steamboat Prow and angle down to the left onto the Emmons. There should be a very well worn path. Attached are a couple of pictures.


Julie and Mary heading up to Camp Schurman from Steamboat Prow


On the way back, heading to Steamboat Prow and Camp Curtis. We did this with our skis on and the slope is gentle enough that we got up the hill without skins.


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Thanks for the TR and pics. I'm planning on doing this exact itinerary next week. Hopefully, I have as good of weather as it looks like you had.

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