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[TR] Foreskin - 5/20/2011


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Trip: Foreskin -


Date: 5/20/2011


Trip Report:

After Feck and friends came through Holden Village last month, I figured I should post something from this area beings that I live at Holden.


Although Holden is surrounded by numerous peaks over 8,000', only sub-summits are visible from the village. These peaks, beautiful in there own right, are generally given the name of the closest named peak. Thus the two most visible peaks from the village are called Buckskin, even though Buckskin proper (8,124') is a mile south of them. I had heard of a former staff member refer to them as second-skin and foreskin. I found it amusing, so thats what I'll call them, as I try to avoid double entendres such as: I have been staring at Foreskin all winter, Getting off Foreskin was easier than I thought, Foreskin shouldn't be easily dismissed etc.



Foreskin and Second skin from the Village (March)



L to R Foreskin, Second-skin, Buckskin (A fun summer traverse) from Copper peak


I had been eyeing this climb for most of the winter, and finally had decent weather, and someone to join me on on Friday. The only hitch was that Dale had to work in the Kitchen at 11:00.



Approach in Blue, Descent in Red


There was a lot of post-holing on the way up, with a few cliff bands to negotiate, so we were hoping for a better way down. When we gained the main E ridge, the snow was a little firmer in places. There were still some large cornices remaining, but they had very little over-hanging. The summit was sunny and warm, but we needed to get down quickly so Dale could get to work. We decided to head down a coulior that we knew would take us to Copper creek. At 10 am, the snow was still hard, and coupled with a debris runnel in the middle, and avy debris at the bottom, it was not a fun ski, but later in the day it would have been grand. A month or two earlier and it would be doable to ski from the summit to within a two minute walk of the village, with only a 100'-200' section of booting to get above copper creek before the final ski down to Railroad creek. Next year . . .



Here is a slightly better picture of our decent route, I'll try to take a better picture when it stops raining



Dale and the village



Second skin, ridiculous summit pose, Maude, Fernow, part of Copper



Holden Village (lower right) and the Railroad creek valley






View from my front porch


Approach Notes:

Walk out front door.

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Yep, living in a place where you walk out the front door, click into yours skis then climb and shred does not suck ;)


We had fun on our trip, and we only skied two out of hundreds of nice lines outside of the village.


Indeed, it is a nice place to live for a year or two.


Christian, if you come through next winter, let me know, I would love to do some skiing with you.



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