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[TR] North Cascades - Sahale 5/4/2011


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Trip: North Cascades - Sahale


Date: 5/4/2011


Trip Report:

As of the 4th you can get to within a mile of the Eldorado TH, maybe more depending on the clearance of your Rig. We ran into a nice guy from Sedro who gave us a little longer ride in the back of his big truck, he was checking out the road for his crew to come up later and start working to get it cleared. As we became aware later, they have a lot of work to do..... Guy from Sedro said it could be mid July before its open to the Cascade Pass TH.

Great trip under clear blue skies. Its starting to feel like a spring snow pack, but not just yet! Decent skinning and no slides happening except off the steep walls of J-Berg, and even those quieted down when the wind cooled the temps.

Nice views and snow on the Sahale Arm and up. Got to within a few feet of the summit of Sahale, should have brought boot crampons, or dug my way under the sugary unconsolidated snice blobs like a Patagonian badger. Oh well, been there before.

The Run back down to Cascade Pass was Sweet! pretty sludgy after that. Thanks Laurie, Trent and Jeff for a great day.

Around 10 hours RT.











Gear Notes:

Bring Colin Haley for the rime blob pitch


Approach Notes:

Big truck from Sedro useful

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Cascade River Road is clear to around the 18 mile mark, and somewhat further with a high clearance rig. It should not be to much longer tell you can drive to the gate at the Eldorado TH at around mile 20. Skis on and off for a while after that.


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Lisa, the dog in the pictures, Luna is one fit pup! but actually there is so much snow at the cliff bands you are speaking about, that its really not that big of deal right now. It is one awesome snow pack.


What an awesome dog! I think she is braver than me ;)

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