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Yosemite housing/campsites willing to share, Sept?


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Hi there,


Three of us are going to the Valley for 3 weeks in Sept (through Sept 22) and are looking for housing or a campsite that we can share for most or all of that time (would be ideal to not have to move around a bunch). Willing to pay up to $20/day total. Any takers?


We're not crazy :), responsible, love climbing, but are interested in life outside of climbing too. Would appreciate any leads even if you don't have a site/place to share.




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I guess since you posted on the 16th you missed the day to get reservations by a day. bummer.


But its not to late to get sept 15 through the 22nd. Just be ready on May 15th at 7am. Here's the beta http://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/camping.htm


I've had pretty good luck getting large chunks of time if I am ready at 7am on the day they open the camping reservations.



You might want to look into the Forest Service camping down in El Portal. It is much easier to get camping there. You could also try posting your question on Supertopo.com


As far as a room goes, Hans' place is one of the only places unless you are willing to pay for a vacation rental up in the West. Which is way spendy


Good luck

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Not trying to hijack the thread just got a quick question for wallstien or who ever. I'm going to been in yosemite the 15, 16, 17, 18 of sept. I'm not looking to stay in camp 4 is there a hostel or another camp ground you like. And do we need reservations ive heard it get crowded.



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