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FavoriteTR Ever *Non* Voting Thread.


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I'm not sure which I'm voting for but I'm going to put my ideas here:


RIP Joe. We were very lucky to have had this guy posting on CC.com, and this is one of my all time favorite TRs for sure:




and this one goes with it:





Colin getting after it down in Patagucci:





Rat and teh Big Baller finish the job on Mox:






I have not seen a more gripping epic than Amar's Rainier TR:



Ross turning your iceclimb into a ski area:



looking for that Unkle Tricky TR where he climbs with someone he met in the partners section....was it up at Squamish?








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I'll never forget hearing about this storying, and after returning from climbing at Vantage, scouring the boards for the tale:




And this one goes to show even a TR of the "dog route" can be great:



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Mitochondria100 with 2 friends, hanging it out on Mt Borah in Idaho


something nice and different within a days driving range





Steph Abegg big time peak bagging in the Canada Rockies





JoshK and Wayne's 1st Complete Northern Pickets Traverse





Colin and Mark's Index Traverse in Winter






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This is the problem with the best TR contest, I keep finding TR's that are absolutely awesome, this for example:




That was an amazing trip. Here's the rest of the story: Picket's Traverse, which I never got around to posting.


Reading all of these TR's is really making me want to get outside!

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