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      We have upgraded to new forum software as of late last year, and it makes everything here so much better!  It is now much easier to do pretty much anything, including write Trip Reports, sell gear, schedule climbing related events, and more. There is a new reputation system that allows for positive contributors to be recognized,  it is possible to tag content with identifiers, drag and drop in images, and it is much easier to embed multimedia content from Youtube, Vimeo, and more.  In all, the site is much more user friendly, bug free, and feature rich!   Whether you're a new user or a grizzled cascadeclimbers.com veteran, we think you'll love the new forums. Enjoy!
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Best Trip Report Voting Contest 2011

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Hi Everyone,


To celebrate 10 years, 1 million posts, 20,000 registered users, and 5,525 Trip Reports, we are thrilled to announce a contest to find the best trip reports ever posted on cascadeclimbers.com. Trip reports are what make this place great. This contest is being sponsored by American Alpine Institute with support from Pro Mountain Sports and Backcountry Gear.


First though, the top 20 trip report contributors are going to receive a Cascadeclimbers.com T-Shirt. Details will be posted in a follow up post on how to get that.


The winner will receive a $1000 gift certificate to AAI redeemable for classes and trips in the PNW. 3 Runners up will receive $150 gift certificates to Pro Mountain Sports. 5th place will receive a $120 gift certificate to Backcountrygear.com.


Trip reports eligible for this contest had have been posted by noon April 4th, 2011.


1)How to Vote.


So how will the actual voting work? It's pretty straightforward - in this thread nominate your favorite trip report.


To nominate a TR for "Greatest Trip Report Ever" just follow a couple of steps.


First, make sure your TR has not been nominated already. If not, copy the URL for the trip report:




Then add a shorthand entry in the following format below the URL:

"TR-Author.Month.Year" (E.g. "Climber4000.January.02") that identifies the author and the date.


For a TR to be considered for final voting someone need to reply with the nomination in quote with "+1".


If a duplicate TR is posted and you identify it please reply with "duplicate".


Finally, if you're feeling motivated to do so, tell everyone else why you nominated the particular TR. This is totally optional - and can be as little as a single word, or as long as a paragraph.


2) Who can vote.


All users registered prior to April 1, 2011 are eligible to vote. One vote/nomination per registered user. We don't have the time or the resources to police multiple avatars, but we hope that all users will respect the spirit of the contest and the other members of the Cascadeclimbers.com community and abide by the honor system. If it becomes clear not everyone is respecting the honor system, we'll deal with that as necessary.


Nominations have to be received by April 20, 2011.


3) Final voting.


All nominated TRs will be available for voting on April 21, 2011. Winners will announced on May 1, 2011. We have not worked out the details on final voting whether it will be only registered users or if we will allow all visitors.


4) Spread the news!


Please email this to all your climbing friends. Post it on Facebook and Tweet it. Get the word out!


Thanks again to American Alpine Institute, Pro Mountain Sports, and Backcountry Gear for helping make this contest possible!


Let the nominations begin!

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A little update on this contest.


We are making a change here that we would not normally do. AAI has offered up an incredible prize that we are finding not appropriate for this contest. So we are taking that prize and saving it for the photo contest. We are replacing that prize with a $500 gift certificate to Pro Mountain Sports. We are also removing the 5th place prize.


You want a $500 gift certificate to Pro Mountain Sports? Tell you friends to nominate your TR in this thread. Hell, have a great TR you just want people to know about? Post it here!

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Hi Everyone,


Just a reminder that this contest is still running. We will be accepting entries until Monday. A reminder that this is for the best TR, not the best ascent. Please take the writing into consideration. If you've felt you've written some great TRs get one of your buddies to nominate you for a $500 PMS gift certificate or the runner up prizes.


Links are above for nominations.

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Get your final nominations in today we will start voting tomorrow.

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