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Kevin Thurner @ SAC- 4/6, 7pm


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Kevin Thurner's North Cascades




The Skagit Alpine Club will host an evening presentation by local mountain photographer Kevin Thurner on Wednesday April 6th. The show will take place at Skagit Valley College, Roberts Hall (T-31 on this map: http://www.skagit.edu/images/color_mvCampus.pdf) and will begin at approximately 7:30pm after the monthly business meeting (7pm).


Kevin has been making high resolution images of the North Cascades for more than 20 years. Often sleeping upon summits and high ridgelines for the sunset and sunrise views they afford, his photographs offer a stirring perspective and a clear affection for the fine mountains many of us call home.


“Photography has been very important for me and often very intertwined with the adventures I’ve pursued. We all have creative impulses that need expression and this has been a part of my own personal answer.”


For this show, Kevin will be sharing a selection of his favorite images taken in the North Cascades. Please join us for what is sure to be an inspiring evening. Don't miss it!!


For more on Kevin’s photographs, please visit the following links:


Kevin’s website: www.kevinthurner.com


Northwest Mountaineering Journal article: www.mountaineers.org/nwmj/10/101_Bivouacs.html


Interview of Kevin by noted Colorado based photographer Jack Brauer: www.mountainphotographer.com/interview-with-kevin-thurner/


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WOW!!! Kevin put on a stunning show tonight. I am still in awe of the places he has carried his medium format camera, usually solo. I had thought I had been to many areas of the North Cascades, it turns out that I am just a tourist.


Thanks again Kevin!

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