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[TR] Lillooet - Lots 3/5/2011


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Trip: Lillooet - Lots


Date: 3/5/2011


Trip Report:

Geoff and I (Jessica) spent 4 days on Highway 99 South – Duffey Lake Road. This was our third trip up this season, best conditions yet....mainly not too cold!


First! Some photos from our last trip:


Geoff Leading the Deepening Wall



Jessica leading pitch 2 ICY BC



Geoff leading Pitch 3 ICY BC




This trip!

On Saturday March 5 we climbed Carls berg, tending to the left and weaving back to the right. Geoff led the route, finding an assortment of chandeliers, cauliflowers, mushrooms. Good screw placements for the most part. Technical climbing. Solid WI5 maybe WI5+. It's about 180 feet. We also climbed the WI 3 above, then Spent a few hours TRing different lines.


Overview of route



Geoff Leading route:









Next day we went to Rambles right. Found the column to be in good shape.


Jessica leading:



3rd day we climbed the rambles left, up to 3rd tier. Curtain WI 4+, Geoff led.






Last day we went back to Carl’s, it was pouring water. Geoff led far left (dry) up to midway and we TR’d.





Gear Notes:

ice screws


Approach Notes:


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