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Climbing and Bouldering Gear Sale. Trango, Flashed

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Climbing and Bouldering gear liquidation.

Most of these items were product samples and have not been actively used in the field, unless otherwise indicated.


Items are new but priced well below retail value, and all reasonable offers will be considered.

Please PM with questions.






Flashed Temple bouldering mat/crash pad. 56x42x3.5. $200

Only used once at a demo. Foam is still 100% like new. Hip belt and shoulder straps are removable.



Flashed Tanto bouldering mat/gear bag. 32x24x1. $50

This mini crash pad can also be used as a gear bag/rope bag - will hold all your bouldering gear plus harness, draws, and belay device.

removable hip belt and shoulder straps. can be carried messenger style.



Trango Neo Classic Straight/Bent QD set. $50 SOLD



Trango Jaws Belay/Rappel device. $15



Trango Smooth Wire Gate biners, set of 8. brand new. $7 each or $40 for set.



Trango Cinch. blue or gold. $50 each.



Trango Ball Nutz set. $100 SOLD



Trango Splitter 4Cam set. $200



Trango Flex Cam (Gen 1) set. These are lightly used (maybe twice). Definitely no falls. I'll throw in an extra #6. $150 SOLDIMG_0469.JPG


Rock Empire cam set. used. $ make an offer.



Trango Right Angle directional biner. $10 SOLD



PMI Rappel gloves. one Med, one XL. $15 each.



Flashed Wide Mouth Natural chalk bag. $15



Flashed Wide Mouth Joe chalk bag. $10



Flashed Lid Zip chalk bag. waterproof zip. $15



Flashed Teeny chalk bag. $10



Trango Vertical harness. women's size XS. $25

single buckle. adjustable legs. brand new.



Trango Fly harness. women's size Med. $20

single buckle. fixed legs. brand new.


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Trango biners are not spoken for; need to spend my money elsewhere. Good luck to the OPer and hopefully no hard feelings.



bumpity bump.

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I'll take the Flex cams if the other deals doesn't work. PM sent

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nice... those RA biners are practically collector's items!


SOLD items have been labeled.

still plenty of items left... Cinch, Splitter cams, biners, crash pads...


a couple more small items i will list soon.

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I know,truth be told,I bought it 'cos it's a cool biner.

Sent PM for a coupla other things....... :-))



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sorry cams are sold.


still available:

both crash pads


blue Cinch

chalk bags

both harnesses

both pair PMI gloves

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seems the cinch makes it a cinch for people to drop their climbers... seen it more than once. Those things should be treated like an ATC.

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