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Three season tents?


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My climbing partner and i have been using the same 3 season tent for five years, keep in mind the tent is ten years old. A windy night on mount Adams has clammed it's life and I'm in the market for a new one. I'm looking at the black diamond oasis right now. I've never used a double walled tent before and was wondering if it's worth it. Does anyone have any feedback on this tent or a similar model.

I'll take any info I can get thanks.

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Assuming you'd like something in the Oasis price range, my money would be on Big Agnes for a 3-season option. The Copper Spur is a fair amount of tent for a 3-season. Honestly though you can find 4-season tents in the three season weight range anymore. Check out the Hilleberg Nallo 2 or 2 GT. The Nallo 2 is in the 4.5 lb range all up and will handle heavy weather.

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Sierra Designs HYPERLIGHT 3 AST: ~6lbs


I have used this tent for several years, it is very roomy. Room for two and all gear. Two man version is also available (rarely). I have one of those too.

Hyperlight 3 has been discontinued, but you can usually find it on EBAY for between $150-$180.


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