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BC Ice?


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While we have been bitching about no ice..this got done. Very cool!




"Mythologic, WI6, 140m on Enderby Cliffs in the North Okanagan on January 10, 2011. The route is highly visible from Highway #97, forms annually and has intrigued local and travelling ice climbers for decades. However, due to the location (Okanagan Valley, west-facing) it can have a limited life span and get's baked out pretty quick."


More here and congrads to the guys!




Since Garry has been on it may be he'll comment as well?



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Caught this on the West Coast Ice site -awesome stuff...Drury got climbed on the same day as well (while we were bitching) -well, all but the last pitch. The approach and (shitty) ice conditions made the going a bit slower than they were expecting. Don't matter now I suppose as the rest of this week will surely present a whole new climb in the next window.


Good to know that Lyle is still crankin'!

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Dane, I don't think it is "West Coast Ice", since this thing is about 6-7 hours drive from Vancouver. If I have to drive that far for a 145m route, might as well go to the Rockies, which by that time is only another 2.5 hours.

While some stuff formed up this year, a lot of stuff did not- like White Blotter was pretty much non existent on the bottom. We are fooling ourselves if we claim having consistent and good ice around.

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I don't know wtf are you talking about? That pretty much includes everything along Duffy except for the very tops of peaks like Joffree.

It's supposed to get a bit colder high up, so if it doesn't snow too much Wed would be a day to hit some alpine? But for now even on Carls Berg you'll need some fins and snorkel.


"We have received approximately 45 mm of precipitation in the past couple of days. There was some rain at least to 2200 m, but the bulk of the precipitation at that elevation fell as snow. Below 1700m the rain predominated. Subsequent cooling temperatures today have resulted in somewhat challenging and variable conditions. Choose your elevation wisely ? the higher alpine terrain is the place to be. As you drop lower, you may begin to break through a crust into the moist underlying layers."

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I don't know wtf are you talking about?


Whistler/Blackcomb is 55 km as the crow flies from the Duffy summit and the forecast temps there are essentially useless for predicting what's going on for Duffy ice. Not to mention that Whistler has 2 times the precipitation on average of the Duffy in terms of snowfall.


The Duffy webcam


is at the summit. Between that and the Lillooet temp gauge you can figure out much better what's going on at the ice areas.

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Everything won't be in shape, but some stuff will be fine. Look high and shady. Night'n'Gale is probably fine (depend on avy conditions in bowl above). Red Wall Wanderers maybe. Oregon Jack. Maybe stuff isn't convenient or close or hard-enough for you or easy-enough for you. But there is ice. This isn't the worst winter we've had in the last 10 yrs.

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