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Statistic survey: good fitting Mt. boots.

Lucky Larry

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I think I'm more like 60-70% work for me that I've bought, the others were good deals that I thought could work but didn't. If they really don't work I don't buy em and thus don't count them in the percentage, tried on a few that just didn't feel right. At least one pair required some extra playing around with insoles and liner to get just right but then worked fine. Also not counting boots I exchanged for a different size to get them right (mostly approach shoes).

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40% have been good. For the other 60%, I either made them work for a while, or they killed me. More favorable ratio than with ski boots.


Asolo Yukon - no


Koflach Viva - no


Trezetta leather boots that were this hideously gorgeous combo of orange and dark green - yes


Scarpa Inverno 2nd gen - no


Koflach Clima Comprex - no. used a lot of foam trying to make them work.


Koflach can't remember the name - yellow, orange and white with buckles - no


Scarpa Inverno, 3rd gen - no


La Sportiva K3 - yes


La Sportiva Nepal Extreme - yes


La Spoprtiva Trango Alp - yes

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My feet are US men's size 13 (EU size 48) with an average (D) width. I've ordered maybe 35 pairs of leather and plastic boots to try over the last 20 years in search of boots with a perfect fit for my feet. I typically wear new boots around my house for 1-10 hours to test fit and comfort. For a long time I found less than 10% of boots I tried on fit correctly. The key was finding which manufacturer has a fit that matches my feet well--namely La Sportive and Scarpa. I can't wear boots made by other companies. I find the fit of different Scarpa boot consistently the same. With La Sportiva, the fit of different boots varies quite a bit. After 20 years, I finally found a boot that fits my feet perfectly--the La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX.


I've actually purchased the the following boots and used them extensively.


La Sportiva Trango S (2 pairs, slightly narrow for me but flexible enough to fit)

La Sportiva Trango Alp (identical in fit to the Trango S but sturdier and more waterproof, slightly narrower than the EVO - I use these for 4-season hiking)

La Sportiva Trango Extreme (close fit to Trango S)

La Sportiva Nepal EVO (only boot that is perfect for climbing and winter hiking)

Scarpa Cumbre (longer and slightly narrower fit than La Sportivas, wider toe box)

Scarpa Triolet (similar fit to Trango S but curvature at front is angle differently)

Lowa Denali (2 pairs, a bit too narrow at the ball of the foot)

Asolo 8000 (2 pairs, a little narrow at the ball of the foot)

Millet Everest (US men's size 15, unique roomy fit, use in Alaska)


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I won't go back in time to my leather double boots and Galibier's, but the best fit I have had were the La Sportiva Trango S (on my 3rd pair) and Asolo Expert GV (2nd pair)

La Sportiva Nepal EVO good except in the toe (too narrow)

Koflach Viva Soft too loose in the heel

Scarpa Invernos great fit, rubs my shins


Hope this information helps, though I find you have to try on a wide variety to get a good fit.

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I have an extremely small sample size for mountain boots, but I'm currently 1 for 1 (Sportiva Trango S). I only even post because I almost returned them on a few occasions, but after screwing with the lacing over a season, they are actually quite comfortable. I also have narrow-assed girl feet. Currently saving for some Nepals, hoping it'll run similar to most people's experience.

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