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lillooet ice conditions

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a rockies trip may be in order. lillooet is pretty marginal - hardy anything formed and lots of chandalier and junk where it exists at all.


That said, Rambles and Icy BC are in

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Not sure if you have been around Lillooet long Dane but stuff being in one weekend dont mean shit all about the next weekend...


With forecast highs well above zero for the nest 10 days or so I cant see how Lillooet has much to offer besides some rambles and icy bc...I suppose if everyone shares TR's it will be somewhat friendly.


Also I have been told Honeyman is the most dangerous climb in Lillooet, it has the propensity to collapse in one entire piece.


Climb it when its cold!


See you in the Rockies hahaha

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Now if you want to go skiing...well now that sounds amazing


Mainly cloudy with a few flurries.

Afternoon freezing levels near 1000m. Highs minus 2. Alpine winds southeast 20-30 km/h. Accumulations 5 to 10 cm.



Snow developing.

Afternoon freezing levels near 1200m. Lows minus 6. Highs minus 3. Alpine winds southeast 40 km/h. Accumulations 30 to 35 cm.




Afternoon freezing level near 1300 meters. Lows minus 4. Highs minus 1. Alpine winds southeast near 50 km/h. Accumulations near 35 cm.


Periods of snow.

Afternoon freezing level near 900 meters. Lows minus 3. Highs minus 1. Alpine winds southeast 30-40 km/h. Accumulations 10 -15 cm.



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Hey, not my local area but the forcast is around zero C for the next two weeks. I know it is better climbing and ice than Banks. YMMV. The locals are saying otherwise. Likely I'll be up there next week for a few days anyway.




Hate to think the locals were givng mis-info to keep the hordes of yanks away ;)

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More ice up in Lillooet than Bozeman from what I saw and climbed in both.)


There is enough ice in Hyalite right now to keep busy for at least a week. This is not the case in Lillooet.


Hate to think the locals were givng mis-info to keep the hordes of yanks away ;)


We wouldn't do that to you guys. Nothing to climb here in BC.

Edited by giza

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actually the forecast is for above zero in the short range with the long range temp forecast falling back to seasonal range cause long range temp forecasting sucks



Ample amounts of precipitation are expected over the South Coast of

British Columbia beginning Thursday December 23rd. A mild and moist

southwesterly flow is setting up over the eastern Pacific. The first

in a series of storms will make landfall Thursday morning resulting

in wet and windy conditions. A second more vigourous impulse will

reach the south coast Christmas eve delivering more heavy rain. At

present time, the stream of moisture appears to last into Christmas

day so more rain is expected on the 25th.


Precipitation is expected to start as snow over the higher elevations

of mountain highways including the sea to sky, the Crowsnest, and the

Coquihalla. The snow is expected to change to rain Thursday evening

as the warm air moves inland.


There remains some uncertainty with regards to the exact location of

the heaviest rainfall amounts. Rainfall warnings, wind warnings, and

special weather statements for snowfall over the mountain passes may

be issued as the track of the systems becomes more certain.



Not trying to dissuade anyone...you decide

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Just was there (at the usuals) 21st and 22nd. Started the first day on the way into the area at Rambles Centre. Good shape, although the ice was a bit glassy and brittle. Continued on to Robin Hood (thin and probably more like a three than 2+ in those conditions). Per the locals, the whole area up there is thinner than usual.


Yesterday, had a slight delay getting out of Lillooet, which led to getting scooped on Icy BC. We stayed off the lower tier while they were climbing above per West Coast Ice's suggestion that it's easy to get hit from people climbing on upper tiers of Icy BC, while you are leading on the first tier.


There really isn't much to climb on the lower tier, btw. The 3+ in the alcove around the corner isn't there, and there's no ice on the bolted routes on the wall between Deeping Wall and the alcove climb. Not sure if there needs to be though.


The Deeping Wall was pretty aerated so rather than lead it we set up a TR on it in the meantime to keep busy. Good steep fun. Bad news is when you do that, you get scooped by yet another party on the lower tier. Just part of the game though.

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Hows that temperature trend line doing for ya Dane ;)


Dont worry when it comes to weather I keep it honest


see you in the rockies....

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