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new ice tool company?


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Not sure how new they are, but Carlos Buhler is the rep around here and I used a couple of the models very briefly last season. They're quite light, seem very functional and, well, if Carlos uses them they can't be all that bad?


I'd like to give them a more extended workout this season, so if I get the chance I'll definitely follow up here.

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Carlos climbs way better than Mile and he says, "they rock" :)

You know him Mike, give Carlos a call. Seriously he really likes them and can climb on anything he wants.


Me?...not so impressed. But then I aint hanging on M8 either and Carlos is.


Check out his blogs and the pictures of his climbs from the last couple of years in the links here:





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Call his ass up Mike...we were talking about you last visit...and it was actually all nice :)


I was relating to Carlos the conversation I butted into after Colin's show here.


It went something like this, " Best book on alpine climbing ever written, Gadd's and Twight's books done better, more concise with no ego involved." I couldn't resist that bait so I asked the half dozen talking about it. "Don't know the name of the book, and no clue on the guy's name, but he's a chiroprator or nurse or something like that." "Best book on training there is." I was going to save that for a beer at OR..so guess the surprise is out now.


Heady company on the book was my though. And well deserved.


Send me a PM and I'll get you Carlos' number for a demo on those tools.

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Hey Mikey, I saw the load limiter a couple weeks ago (along with a leashless tool from eclimb). I was very compact and reloadable. I tried pulling on the load limiter but couldn't get the force to make it slide out. (good I suppose) Kong had something like that too and been making it for a long time.

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"Best book on training there is."


The best? The short list:


Frederick Hatfield, Ph.D., "Power"

Dr Philip Maffetone, "Training for Endurance"

Stu Mittleman, "Slow Burn"

Timothy Noakes, "Lore of Running"

John Humphreys, Ron Holman, "Focus on Middle-distance Running"

McArdle and Katch, Williams & Wilkins, "Exercise Physiology"

Peter Janssen, "Lactate Threshold Training"

Pat O'Shea, "Quantum Strength & Fitness"

Michael Yessis, "Secrets of Soviet Sports Fitness & Training"

John Jesse, "Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia"

Tudor Bompa, Ph.D., "Theory and Methodology of Training"

James Radcliffe, Robert Farentinos, "Plyometrics"

Jack Wilmore, David Costill, "Physiology of Sport and Exercise"

John Hoberman, "Mortal Engines - The Science of Performance and the Dehumanization of Sport"

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i believe this thread was about the ice tool company?


just to repsond, though. My book only devotes 8 or so pages to climbing specific training. It's a summary and meant to be a useful tool for devising a training plan. But that is a very knowledgable list there John!

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Fuck me running John! Please if you are going to quote me give the courtesy of quoting something I actually said, not something where I was quoting someone else. If I want to give Twight or Gadd shit I'll do it in person. I'm beginning to think you've had too much Dr D. koolaid. No offense Mike.

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