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[TR] Hyalite - 11/28/2010

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Trip: Hyalite -


Date: 11/28/2010


Trip Report:

A large Bellingham crew spent last week in Hyalite Canyon for Thanksgiving. Amoung us was Dyan, Kevin, Dustin, Brandon, Austin, Brian, and meself.


We stayed at the TLC inn, which has the best bargin going! You can pack as many people as you can into one room and thr rate is still 50$ for two beds.


Everything is looking fat in the canyon and one of the guys from Northern Lights (the gear shop in town) said they are plowing the road year-round now. WOOO-HOOOO


Day one Looked like this:


After driving until 3:30 am we were a little unmotivated to walk and spent the day on top rope at G1 to get back into ice mode. Dustin, Kevin, and myself all soloed lower green sleeves that day too.




Day two:


We all decided to head to the unnamed all that morning and took over the craig! We got on the elevator shaft, the fat one, and magically delicious


me on the elevator shaft:



Dyan and Kevin:




Day three:


We decided to split up this day. Austin, Dyan, Brian, and myself went to the corner climbs and lower green sleeves. Brian led his first pitch of ice and I got another solo lap in. The rest of the crowd headed to upper green sleeves and G2


Brian gitn it done!



Me on the left corner climb



Day four:


We split up again this day as well. Dustin, Kevin, and Brandon went to the mummy coulor while Dyan, Austin, Brian, and myself went to G2, the Hangover, and Golden Mean


Me on G2



Brian on the Hangover



Me on the Hangover



Hanging out in the cave behind Golden Mean



Me (in green) and Austin (in red) at the base of Golden Mean



me on the golden mean



Day 5:

We all drive home and Brandon and I stopped in Vantage and got on the first 30ft of Arctic Grail (see other TR)



Gear Notes:

Lots of screws. Placed 13s, 16s, 19s, and 22s.


Approach Notes:

Get on I90 and go east. Get off in Bozeman. The road into the canyon is getting plowed year around

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Nice photos! Looks like you had a blast. Plowing beyond the reservoir has been a little sporadic, but has been good enough...they just got it yesterday afternoon.

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The ice is really good right now. The Golden mean is really obvious from the parking lot. Its the only yellow pillar visable, and its lookers left of g2 about 70yards.


This trip absolutley ruined my motivation for school. I wana get on ice!

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