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Beginner Tele Spots?


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Wanting to get into tele this season, got some mad cheap gear online. As someone with plenty of snowboard experience and NO skiing experience, I'm looking for an area to learn to turn in. Although I'm not at all above getting lessons, there doesn't seem to be anyone who offers tele lessons. I would just rather not head up to baker and get in everyones way. Anyone know a good low angle spot that I could work out the movements in? Strong hiker with good partner. Thanks!

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I don't think there is enough snow there quite yet but we learned out near Blewett pass ... there is a fair amount of mellow terrain in the diamond head, tronsen meadows and forest service road 800 areas and it should be possible to find a decent slope to yo yo.







for some specific ideas or just head out and explore.


Usual caveats about avi danger apply.

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Tele is hard enough if you're used to downhill skiing. If you're coming at it from Snowboarding the lifts and a lesson or two are definitely worth while until you get comfortable. You might see if anyone offers one of those beginner packages for Tele like they do for skiing / snowboarding.


Oh, and start doing lunges at the gym. After a year or two i'm still only good for a 1/2 day before my legs feel like noodles :P


Have fun!


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I started tele sking about 12 years ago after snowboarding only since 1988. And have been teleing primarily ever since (although I get a couple snowboard days on big pow every year). I basically tought my self, but I wish I had taken some lessons. I plataued out at a moderate level and ended up takeing a couple private lessons at Mt. Baker 2 years ago, which reall improved my skiing. Call up to baker, they probably have a Tele instructor. Also you used to be able to get a Chair 2 only ticket. That is a good place to get started. You buy me a ticket and I will give you a solid halfday lesson at Baker my self.


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after talking to a couple people at Baker (the first of which admitted to not even working there and hung up after 5 solid minutes of WTF conversation) it sounds like I'll be able to get a lesson there. Snoqualmie is a bit far but they have killer prices (160 bucks for 6 weeks). And i sent ya a pm shapp :)

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