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The Alpinist's Alphabet poster...


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So I'm finally getting around to this little project of mine and wanted to share the current state of affairs. After putting together a little business card for last years Winter Outdoor Retailer show and getting some great feedback, I've published the darn thing as a nice big 18x24" screen printed poster.




I'm selling 'em online right now over at http://wasa.bigcartel.com for $20 and will be shipping 'em out as soon as I get this run finished printing in the next week or so. Take a look and let me know what you think - there's a backpackers, paddlers, and ski/boarding version coming up, as well as a few other bits n pieces. Use the code SNAFFLEHOUND to pull off 10%...



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If you'd like to have one in hand before Christmas, today's pretty much the last day to order. (SNAFFLEHOUND gets 10% off at checkout.)


Just sayin'.


If you've got little ones who aren't quite yet interested in learning the Alphabet, there's also these onesies I did over here:








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These are both outstanding, I just sent a friend your way; I think she's picking up both.


Also: love ALL the stuff on your website seems you’re a jack of all trades AND a master of them. Your 360 degree pano of Camp Schurman really took me back there. What lens do you use for those? fisheye? 14mm? What software? This is something I have just begun to experiment with but it’s frustrating to tweak when it takes hours to render.


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Just a quick note that I've got a fresh batch of posters if anyone's interested.


They're now shipping out of Bozeman, MT - use checkout code "SNAFFLEHOUND" to get 10% off. Sorry for the blatant spam post, but hey, it's the holidays and I gotta unload these things.







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