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Climbing Fee Raise for MRNP

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Here is what I don't understand. Mountaineering franchise fees generate 350k according to the FAQ yet only 60k are getting put back into the climbing program. Where is the other 290k going? I hope not to the paradise lodge renovation.


Mount Rainier National Park receives approximately $350,000 annually from the combined franchise fees of the three mountaineering concessioners. Franchise fees from all park concessioners (there are 5, total) are pooled and prioritized by park management for use on concession-related needs.


I sent them an email, we'll see what they say.

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Where is the other 290k going?

To your folks! Sorry could not resist. I read a little further down and indeed the franchise fee is being used for things other than climbing, it just disappears into the base fund and gets used for just about anything.

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Franchise Fees (from climbing guide services) $19,000.00

Centennial Initiative Funding $26,500.00

Alpine District Ranger $99,000.00

Chief Ranger (10% of total costs) $12,000.00

Backcountry Carpenters $15,000.00

Backcountry Facilities Manager $30,000.00

Concessions Manager $20,000.00

Entrance Station Bluebags $3,000.00

Wilderness Reservations $5,000.00

White River Staffing (4 out of 7 days) $20,000.00

Radio / Telecom Support $10,000.00

Miscellaneous Support $10,000.00

Total: $272,000.00


The Climbing Cost Recovery fees augment the base funding and cover the salaries of the climbing rangers and the field supervisors staffing the upper mountain and the Climbing Information Center, and the salaries and related support costs to manage human waste on the upper mountain.


8. Do the climbing rangers provide services to visitors other than climbers paying the Cost Recovery Fee?


Yes. While climbing rangers focus their attention on the upper mountain and the climbing public, they do provide services to all visitors. Climbing rangers provide roadside and low-country EMS, assistance to day and overnight visitors, human waste removal for all who visit high camps, SAR response to all visitors regardless of the activity in which they are involved. While the Climbing Information Center (CIC) focuses its services on climbers, their staff serves every visitor who drops in by providing general park information. The CIC is the only information center open during the early morning hours of 6:00 am to 7:30 am.

The specialized training of climbing rangers, their exceptional fitness, and skills and expertise in the areas of aviation, EMS, SAR, high angle rescue and snow safety (avalanche) make them a highly valued and versatile staff resource for a variety of non-climbing related operations.


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Yeah, they still haven't answered my email asking for more specifics on what the rest of the franchise fees are used for. It seems that climbers are generating enough money for the park but the park isn't appropriating that money correctly (at least not from a climbers perspective).

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