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Best alpine sunglasses/goggles


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I'm looking for a pair of sunglasses/goggles for climbing down in Patagonia.


The most functional pair I found are the Adidas Terrex Pro but they retail for over $300 which is just slightly out of the budget. I haven't been able to find anything else that compares to these.


I mainly just used sunglasses while climbing down there but I've gotten pretty worked a couple times cause I didn't have goggles.



Any ideas out there? I've looked at the Julbos but they don't have the goggle like foam fit.





(These are the adidas glasses)




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Have you tried both the glasses and the goggles? Is there much fogging with them?


Mike sorry I missed this earlier.


Fogging? The Wiley-X stuff was originally developed for tactical ops...as in shooting people. High rush factor but generally in a dry environment these days. Slow moving folks in tight quarters with lots of sweat getting pumped out in worse case scenarios. No fogging issues in either version during the training I was involved in.


Haven't used them in the mtns but after you and Colin pointing them out to me I will be taking a pair Chamonix this winter.

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I ended up going with the 7Eye Cape Airshield with Photo chromatic lenses. I think they are going to work out pretty well. Maybe they aren't as bling as the Adidas ones but they should work fine. The frames could be a bit burlier on them, so care and a case will need to be taken, but still worth it. I haven't had a chance to check them out in bright sun to see how dark they go, but have been able to use them in dark environments and they get very clear. Shouldn't be a problem using them at night.



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haven't tried them but just saw these the other day.


Panoptx Sirocco and Raptor CV.. difference I can tell is one is a bit bigger than the other (lens size). Photochromic.. 18%-80%.. 18 isn't terribly low for alpine sun, but a consideration. $89.. cheaper than addidas.






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Wiley X also makes a "Light Adjusting" lens.


I tried to get a deal with Wiley and couldn't.... I could with 7eye though.



The pair I show above has adjustable length temple arms which could be nice feature for those with a larger than average head. Kinda a neat feature.



The Panoptx on Sierra trading post are almost identical to the 7eyes. I think that was actually 7eyes old brand name. Good deal for 90 bucks.



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