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[TR] Sawtooths, Elephants Perch - 8/19/2010


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Trip: Sawtooths, Elephants Perch -


Date: 8/19/2010


Trip Report:

This place is pure shit. The rock is more rotten than Courtney Love's hoohoo, the camping might as well be in a homeless shelter, the lakes are stagnant and smell like a kiddie pool, and the approach makes the worst Cascades bush-wack seem like an all-nighter with The Girls Next Door. We did several routes on this pile and a new one on a lesser formation, but it started out poor and got worse as we went higher. Seriously folks there is absolutely no reason to visit this truly awful and atrocious place. There is nothing new left to do here and it wouldn't be any fun even if there were. Check out our vid if you need evidence, but be warned...




Approach Notes:

Don't come here

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You've got to be joking the granite is DANK,

a boat ride takes off 4 miles of the approach, rotten rock builds character and dude the girls next door are a bunch of freaks. Nice video you should put it on the craigslist personals. The lakes you camped at should now be re-named the Brokeback lakes, instead of the Saddleback lakes.




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Idaho has nothing but potatoes and republicans. there are no mountains and for gods sake no alpine climbing. Absolutely no reason to ever leave the cascades


As I've lived in Idaho all my life, and work 30 minutes North of the City of Rocks, I love to hear people say this about my state. The less people coming here the better. The same goes for the Wind's and Teton's.



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great thread for your first post ever after being a member for 6 years. i am impressed.


Ya got a point. I guess if you can't say something nice then....

I was on the perch the last day the shuttle was running this season. It was perfect. Didn't see anyone else the whole trip. Last weekend two friends went to do Stur Chimney. TR will follow.

Well enough with all this jibber jabber. See you in 2018. LOL


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