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Peru Skiing

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Okay...I'm thinking of bringing skis to my trip to Peru in November and December. I'll be hiking a lot as well, but skiing is in my blood and I know I will regret not skiing a few peaks (or more if it is awesome) while I am there.


So ?'s for those that know.


How's the snow in Peru in nov-dec? (i'm leaving in a week)

What to ski? (open to anywhere in peru)

Any other advice on places to stay?

Any routes you think would be a blast as well


...and while I like steep ski routes, I'm happy to do ski traverses or peak bagging on easier routes since I haven't climbed/skied in the region...


Thanks guys!

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I've never tried to ski there, but I think that trying to combine skiing with general travel there would be a huge pain. Public transportation can be really crowded and crazy and bringing skis and boots from place to place would be pretty hard unless you're planning on staying in one place for the most part. Getting all my climbing gear and other stuff to Huaraz seemed like a big deal at the time, but I was alone and on a tight budget so that could have made things trickier. Also you always have to have some place to stash your skis as soon as you get into a city, when if you just have a pack you can check things out before getting a room somewhere. Another option depending on your money and time is to go there, ski first, mail all your gear back (or bring older gear and sell it when your done, I sold climbing gear for a good price), and then go check out the rest of the country. It cost me about $150 to send 20 or 30 pounds of stuff home.


Where? I would guess any of the mountains around Huaraz would be your best bet, and it's a fun town.

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Thanks. I may just leave the skis then and save it for another trip. There appeared to be a place there to rent them, although I'm unsure of the quality. I'm happy to just hike. I'll be skiing plenty when I get home.




BTW, checking out your peru photos now :tup:

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I took a long trip to huaraz (2 months) a few years back and I was definitely antsy about the thought of not bringing my skis. I did not regret my decision even once (well maybe once when looking at the SW face of Artesonraju) . Add on the fact that there is a lot more objective concerns with avalanche conditions and bad weather in their summer (rainy) season (when youll be there), I would be very sketched trying to ski any of those peaks without loads of experience down there. As for renting-- quality control is certainly a big issue.


For information on climbing down there i would highly recommend Classic Climbs of the Cordillera Blanca by brad johnson if you dont already have it. its a really sweet book.


have a great time in Huaraz. despite it being the off season down there, its still a really fun town.

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