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[TR] Prusik Peak - West Ridge 10/20/2010


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Trip: Prusik Peak - West Ridge


Date: 10/20/2010


Trip Report:

I got up to Prusik, and climbed the west ridge solo yesterday (what a place!). I self belayed the slab pitch, as well as the final pitch -- which I thought was harder than the "slab crux", but didn't use the rope on the other pitches.

It took a long time, 20+ hours... which I blame on my heavy pack (I toeted way more gear than was nessecary). The area is incredibly bueatiful, and it was cool to cross the highlands back to asssuck pass in dusk fadeing to moonlight. I'd like to return and do the south face of Prusik sometime soon - it looks really cool.

Tuesday evening as I was about to settle down to a few hours of shuteye at the stuart lake trailhead before heading off for prusik -- Hannah and Amar popped out of the trail, they had just done the snowcreek trail loop and were thinking they were going to have to hoof it back to the snowcreek th, but I was able to give them a ride, then on the way back up to the stuart lake trailhead, I picked up a family of three, who had done the loop in opposite direction, and I shuttled them up to their car at the stuart lake th, always nice to start a trip with good karma.













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Ed, i used a grigri with a 10.2 60meter, the grigri didn't feed all that smoothly, so i ended up just stopping to feed out slack every 5 or 10 feet, then i built a good anchor and rapped down, cleaned the gear and climbed back up on toprope with mini traxions.


yeah the pjs are kind of silly, function over fashion i guess, though you'll never catch me in spandex.


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