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[TR] Obersvation Rock - North Face 10/16/2010


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Trip: Obersvation Rock - North Face


Date: 10/16/2010


Trip Report:

Matt, Alin and I went to have some fun on ice yesterday. There was finally decent ice on the NF. It took screws quite well. We had to use a picket a couple of times. We had a 70m rope for 3 people and ended up doing 5 half-rope pitches. A fun day with a spectacular sunset. We spent very little time on top of The Rock since we were running out of daylight. Almost 13 hours car-to-car.


The last short pitch



The NF that we climbed.



Abseiling to the glacier to the left of the NF



Putting on crampons for the last snow walk



Moon, Rainer & Rock










Gear Notes:

5 screws, 1 picket, 70m rope

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Anyone been up there in late Nov? I suspect the little bit of ice is well under the snow now. Trying to get a fix while I'm up there for T-day. Done this jaunt a few times, so suggestions on another one day objective? My guess is the weather gods will not allow an attempt on Rainier.



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I'd bet it is pretty buried by now. Moreover, the road is closed :( .


You might think about something in the Tatoosh. It looks like it has been pretty consistently below freezing at Paradise from this weather page.


When the sun comes up again the Tatoosh Range cam will probably be the most informative, though.


I keep in mind the northwest face of castle peak, north ridge of pinnacle or any of the three couliors on Lane.

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My guess is the weather gods will not allow an attempt on Rainier.


Justin, are you in the mood for an epic?

Do not go there unless high pressure settles in which is not going to happen any time soon.

And even if it does, the gods and the moon still do not allow it oftentimes :) .


Ice avalanche off the Liberty Cap. In August.




Getting ready to swim across the Carbon gl. and climb icebergs:








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quick story about o-rock, in sept 1988 went in with skis[no axe/pons] on my back and began going up the little headwall,which was hardish snow at the base but soon as we were quite high on it it turned to ice/hard snow.luckily had some steps from a climber a couple days before but still we was scared shitless, as any slip would mean a nasty injury/death. lesson learned

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