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Cams, crampons, ice tools, ice screw, etc ...


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Got a bunch of extra climbing stuff that I need to sell to support yet another hobby. I'm in Kirkland and would prefer to sell face to face rather than ship. Send me a PM or email me at johnjaguiar(at)hotmail.com


Thanks for looking, John.




Charlet Aztars - great alpine tool. Lightweight, so if you ice climb in these get the wrist flick down.

$100 for both w/ leashes and extra picks (the extra picks are beat so use them dry tooling)


Camalot #6 - this is the new style. Carried it and used it once on the offwidth on backbone ridge.



Camalot #5 - same story as the #6



Metolius TCU's, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue. Well used but never abused

$15 each or $50 for all 4


M10 Charlet crampons - I've got the mono points on, but have the extra points. Have the back part of the anti-bot mounted - don't have the front part of the anti bots. Sharpen 'em up and you're good to go.



Charlet 12 point crampons - circa 2000. Perfectly useful for general mountaineering



Quark Cascade picks - all of these are used, some a lot, some not so much. Some are still good for general ice, some for dry tooling practice.

$30 for all of them


Black Diamond Lost Arrow #4 - never placed



Black Diamond Knife Blades #4,#6,#6 and an Angle - placed a couple of the pins a couple of times, never placed the angle.

$5 each, $25 for all the pins (including the LA)


Black Diamond quickdraws - get your sport on

$5 each, $20 for all 5


Petzl Gri Gri - like new, used only a couple times.



Belay devices. 2 BD ATC's, 1 Trango Jaws, 1 reverso (edges are worn but not to a knife edge), 1 reversino

$5 each


Ice Screws, 1 21cm Grivel, 1 19cm BD, 1 13cm charlet, 2 10cm bd - decent shape

$15 each, $70 for all 5


Nut tool



Assorted Lockers, 2 Mammut, 1 auto locker Mammut, 1 petzl, 3 bd's

$5 each, $30 for all 7


Black Diamond 5 step Aiders. Used them twice on the two times I've climbed the bolt ladder on monkey face. Otherwise they've been in a plastic tote.

$15 for both aiders


Ice axe leashes - 2 charlet, 1 bd, and 1 grivel

$5 each




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