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The Thrill is Gone


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its actually becoming pretty widespread. They have a lot of prescious metals in them, and take about 60 seconds to remove with a sawzall. California is evening trying to pass a law making it harder to sell them as scrap, to prevent thefts.

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Could have been worse, you could have been motivated to get out for a bunch of pitches on friday and then come back out Saturday for another round starting with belaying someone up RR. Then you proceed to keel over and pass out on top of your belay device once they get to the anchor effectively stranding them up there until some kind Ledge partyers come to their aid and free them from your belay device.



heard someone had their 4 year old top-roping the 1st pitch of the corner saturday evenign too! :lmao:

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I had mine stolen off my Toyota truck a couple of years back, when I parked my truck to paddle down the mighty Pilchuck river.

The suck thing is I was friendly to a couple of guys that were hanging out near the parking lot even though my gut feeling about them was not positive.

Little shits...of course I was near Granite Falls the once Meth Mecca of the universe.

Luckily my buddy I was with lived really close and when we got back we nursed my truck back to his house and made a temporary repair in the form of a straight pipe using an old down spout and some bailing wire. Two days later I had welded one from a Hyundai onto the truck and called it good until I sold the truck.

Freaking lame,sorry to hear about your victimization.

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