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[TR] Wyoming - Deep Lake 9/3/2010

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Trip: Wyoming - Deep Lake


Date: 9/3/2010


Trip Report:

Hell yeah.



At the beginning of September, David and I returned to Wyoming for our second trip to the Wind River Range. This time we intended to visit Deep Lake in addition to the infamous Cirque of the Towers.


We planned on: Seven days of food and gear. Six days of climbing, split between the two areas.


What really happened: Three days of climbing. 60 mph winds. Three sub freezing nights. Two open bivies. One broken tent.


Day 1:

We humped in our monstrosity of packs into Deep Lake and set up camp. Then we headed up Central Corner (5p 5.9). After a long easy first pitch we found sustained and enjoyable climbing.


Me relaxing at the base of climb (The only non-windy and warm day).



Me leading up the first pitch of the corner system.



David on the second pitch.



I'd belay in this range anytime.



That night we had no clouds nor wind. Turns out David's camera is what they designed the hubble space telescope after.




Day 2: Railroad Tracks 5.8

We opted for an easier climb after the previous days' activities.


The climb follows the obvious crack system. Sweet.



David pulling a little roof/bulge high on pitch four.



Me climbing some more.



Just relaxing. Weather moving in. The entire day it got colder and the wind increased.



Haystack Summit




Day 3: The wind pounded the tent all night, but we awoke the clear skies, albeit still cold and windy. So we set off for the North Ridge of Steeple Peak...



Beautiful approach



This day we climbed in all the clothes we brought. The wind howled all day. It would knock us down, blow the rope out of hands, try to peel you off the rock - just relentless. I think our fingers were on the fence between numb and feeling all day.


David up up and away...



Following the traverse and looking down the lower ridge



Accessing the chimney



Poor shot but gives you an idea of the chimney



Somewhere on the descent, between getting blown off the ridge and having our ropes get blown away from us while setting up rappels we started to worry about our tent...


Whoops...The pole snapped and shot through top of the tent. Wind 1. John's BD tent 0.



It was getting late so we quickly gathered up our stuff and found shelter in a groove of trees, hoping it wouldn't rain on us.


The Cirque was full of colors that evening.



Day 4

That morning we awoke to frozen bottles and ice in streams and on the side of Haystack. We decided to try our luck in the Cirque. But with the wind and the cold we realized our trip hinged on our ability to pitch the tent without a pole.


Stellar as always.



We tried pitching the tent (properly and tight) to no avail. The thought of more open bivouacs in the forecast colder nights did not sound appealing.


Eating food and deciding what to do...



So we pulled the cord. We came up with back up plans and opted to hike out. Thankfully we had these little delights waiting for us back at the car.



Fun trip. Wasn't what we were expecting, but thats you get with alpine climbing. We'll be back.


Gear Notes:


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