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[TR] Mount Rainier - Inter Glacier 9/3/2010


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Trip: Mount Rainier - Inter Glacier


Date: 9/3/2010


Trip Report:

After looking at NOAA reports I got the idea that maybe I could find Freshiez! Then again reading a report saying, "chances of snow," doesn't mean you'll find new white stuff on the ground when you get to the area. In any case hauling a pack weighted with ski gear is good exercise, and a day out in the mountains is usually fun or interesting.


The Inter Glacier sounded like a good bet. It is north facing and somewhat protected from solar radiation, so chances of giant penitentes are reduced.


Things looked a bit grim at Starbow



After gaining a bit more altitude and getting a direct view of the Inter Glacier things looked better. I was worried about lots of blue ice. There was a patch part way up, but you could avoid it.




I boot packed skis up the glacier/snowfield. About half way up the snow I started to see large patches of new snow that got bigger and bigger!



The upper mountain looked nice, but ski conditions were less than ideal.



Then it was time to ski Freshiez. Well maybe slushiez, but it was new stuff.




Partway down I had to ski skiers left to avoid blue ice, but then I cut back right to ski snow with the best looking condition. Things were a little weird. Summertime conditions made the surface somewhat like skiing a mogul field. I'd say it was interesting not annoying.




After that I packed up the skis and started hiking.








Gear Notes:

I brought skins but didn't need them since boot packing is easy right now


Approach Notes:

The blue ice takes up a chunk of the glacier about 1/4th the way up. Right now getting around it isn't too bad, but with warm dry weather it could grow and get worse

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I ended up on the Swauk Glacier a couple weeks ago. Cool snow, but a long walk.


A little new stuff [img:center]http://lh6.ggpht.com/_rxgbPHdbZ9I/TLhZaWm03GI/AAAAAAAAAts/ts8f7_feAAo/4-Turns-Squak-IMG_3320.gif[/img]




Skiing from the car does have an appeal now ;)


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(After that I packed up the skis and started hiking.)



Be aware, encountered rock fall at the base of that glacier (last picture) 4 weeks ago that cut open my knee. Your ski tracks went directly to the same location I had been when hit by rocks, kind of a rough area for rock fall.


I'd go for the skiing in the parking lot, less dangerous.

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