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Climber found after 21 years


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Did any one know this guy or friends/family?




Climber discovered after perishing in ice 21 years ago

Hikers find well-preserved body of American in melting Canadian


EDMONTON, Canada — A melting Canadian glacier has given up the well-preserved body of an American climber missing 21 years, Canadian media reported Saturday.


Two hikers on a day trip found the body of William Holland, 38, of Gorham, Maine, on Aug. 15, the Ottawa Citizen newspaper said.


Holland disappeared while hiking a treacherous route known as Slipstream, a frozen waterfall on a 11,338-foot peak called Snow Dome on the Columbia Icefields in April 1989, CBC News said.


Parks Canada rescue specialist Garth Lemke told The Canadian Press news service that the glacier ice that covered the body had melted, leaving an eerie scene.


"By the time we got there the body was fully exposed. We didn't have to chip the body out at all," Lemke told the news service. "He was generally skin and bones, having quite a mummified look to him. His clothes and gear were relatively intact, and if you look at where he was, he was basically in a deep freeze for the last 21 years."


Holland was found with spiked boots on his feet and rope slung over his shoulder, the Citizen said.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have notified Holland's family, the CBC said.


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Sometimes even the strongest outdoors people can get caught by the best of nature (for she is mighty and powerful). At least he was able to rest in peace up there the last 21 years. I'd rather be preserved in the side of a mountain than buried in some mahogany box six feet down filled with embalming fluid.


I'm sure it was a peaceful way to go.



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I'm not sure that I would discribe a cornice colapsing followed by a 1000' fall as a "peaceful way to go."


I feel for any family that has to burry a loved one, and it is hard to imagine doing so 21 years after their death.


Yeah, that's what I was thinking...didn't sound so peaceful. And because he was in a glacier, now his article gets to be the host for the CommentMorons having a debate on global warming.

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